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Diy with us!

Diy Recycle Glass Vases

Hello Beautiful Friends!
Today we want to make a simply diy at home to recycle glass vases that we accumulate in the kitchen.

Glass conteiner

It’s a simple and low cost way to embellish your house with an ecologic eye and to make something really fun!
So at first step take all the glass vases and clean them, remove all the labels and the glue, with hot water and alcool.

Clean and tape

Decide which color palette do you want to use. We choosed almost neutral colors and don’t forget metallic colors, they add a touch of glamour, but you can make also very powerful, using very saturated colors.

Acrylic Spray Paint

For this project we use acrylic paint spray color. But you can definitely do with acrylic color and brush.

So decide how you want to paint them and cover the part that you want to keep clear with a tape.


Then spray paint, preferably outside and remember to save the floor and your hands! Please use gloves.

Give them a second coloring and wait at least 5 minutes between the two. It’s preferably to give a third hand instead covering in one step, the paint will not dry if you apply a too much thick layer.

Then wait until they are perfectly dry. Half a day can be the best.

Remove tape

So it’s time to remove all the tapes and try to personalize the vases with some phrases or drawings.
Set your creativity free!

diy glass vases

That’s the result!


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