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Homemade Lip Balm

Homemade Lip Balm

Hi everyone!

Are you ready for summer burning sun?

We prepare a beauty recipe to help your lips recover from the heat of the sun's rays.

This is an ointment that has excellent softening properties for the lips, long lasts three to four hours without the need to reapply it, and makes the lips immediately soft, it is really comfortable.

lip balm

This is a cold cream.
Fat phase:

unbleached virgin beeswax 20 gr
rice oil 45 gr
tocopheryl acetate 10 gr

Aqueous phase:

glycerin 5 gr
acacia honey 20 gr

Heat the two phases separately, when the wax melts start mixing-whipping ( use a small whisk) pouring the melted honey mixed with glycerin drop by drop, which are liquid then pour well. Stir patiently until completely cooled (it takes almost half an hour). Please pay attention to this step, because your cream could separate.


When it starts to get a little thick and warm (not cold) add 5 drops of sweet orange OE. It is necessary to work with not very small quantities because it is not possible to emulsify; make at least 50g.

Pot in a cute little box.

Enjoy your super soft lips!



lip balm homemade

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