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Homemade Masks for skin renewal

Homemade Masks for skin renewal

Hey Girls!
We are everybody running in the same terrible moment, but don’t give up! Spring it’s almost here and we prepared for you some homemade masks recipes. They will help your skin to become glow and bright, and you can also eat them :). They are completely made with food ingredients

A little bit of face Mask Theory and Practice:

The mask is basically a porridge that needs to be pretty thick in order not to leak, and you can really do it with anything you want.
Combine active ingredients and thickeners of your choice.

clays of all colors, the easiest to find (and also the richest in active ingredients) is the green one; used alone (e.g. just water and clay) it is actually dehydrating, but you can add other emollient ingredients.

yogurt, both white and fruity, restores color to the face, rebalances its pH, is also very softening;

flours of all types (wheat, oats, corn starch, etc.) soften the skin and awaken its complexion;
bitter cocoa, very softening and fragrant;

beaten egg, skin renewal thanks to the lecithin contained in the yolk,

As a liquid part, you can use plain water, rose water or even milk.

You can add essential oils in the measure of 4 drops, always put honey (1 tablespoon), its sugars are very moisturizing and help renew the skin; please don't use it pure on the face, it can cause redness;

various oils, excellent olive oil, almonds, grape seeds or whatever you want, from half a teaspoon for oily skin to a spoon for dry skin.

The shutter speed varies from 10 minutes to half an hour, depending on the type of skin (the most sensitive ones are best kept in position for a shorter time);
in any case, if it starts to dry out, remove it with lukewarm water, because from that moment it also starts to dry out the skin.

Well, you can mix any of these, you are never wrong.

scrub lemon, honey, sugar

Recipe 1
Lemon Scrub

1 tablespoon of white sugar
1 teaspoon of honey
1/2 lemonjuice

Wisk everything together and delicatly massage on your face
Remove with lukewarm water

moisturizing mask strawberry, yoghurt, oil, oat flour

Recipe 2
Moisturizing Strawberries

1 tablespoon of yoghurt
1 strawberry
6 drops of oil of your choice (like jojoba)
1 teaspoon of oat flour

Blend everything together and gently apply on your face
Remove with lukewarm water

Nourishing mask coca, banana, oil, milk

Recipe 3
Nourishing Cocoa

1 tablespoon of dark cocoa
1/2 banana
milk of your choice
6 drops of oil of your choice (like jojoba)

Blend everything together and gently apply on your face
Remove with lukewarm water

Happy skin renovation with Saintpalms!


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