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Inspired by the luxurious and fashionable lifestyle of the Italian Mediterranean Coast and the nature of the Deserts of the world, Saint Palms is a synonym of fashion and the reinvention of inclusive resort wear.
Founded in 2020, Saint Palms brings an iconic-fashionable interpretation of resort wear to the streets of the world and universe. “Our fashion matches all lifestyles, genders, colors, and ethnicities. From humans to pool Aliens, Saint Palms is fun, iconic, and simply fabulous".
Designed in Italy, each piece is handcrafted by Couture Artisans to perfection. The superb craftsmanship goes beyond its irreverent design, Tuscany leather, and thread. Saint Palms delivers to consumers a remarkable experience: from the VIP ordering process to the opening of the package and unveiling of the one of a kind pieces.
The mission is to take consumers on a fashion voyage. From the yachts on a Capri summer day to the windy desert nights of Palm Springs, Saint Palms guarantees to bring superb fashion 365 days of the year.